Monthly Archives: November 2010

Adopting a Healthy Diet

If we didn’t have to worry about food and eating, dieting would be so much easier!

At Thinking Thin Lifestyle it is about adopting a healthy diet and including all the food groups into your everyday life.  But eating a healthy diet comes from learning how to think different about a diet plan, about healthy foods, and thinking about what it’s going to take to get you from Point A to Point B.

Food!  Eating! Diets!  These are the hardest things to control because you often feel out of control when faced with food, eating, or diets!  And when you feel out of control, you always go back to old unhealthy unproductive habits.  You can start to change those old habits with a Thinking Thin Lifestyle and start to see results when you start to think differently about food, eating and diets.

Outsmarting the Scale

We’ve all thought of unique ways to outsmart the scale, and you know who you are!  You stand on one foot hoping somehow by balancing on one leg it will take a few pounds off. Or you weigh yourself after a bout of sickness and convince yourself the numbers don’t look so bad, in spite of you being dehydrated and you haven’t eaten in 3 days.  Of course the numbers are going to look good!

In the end, the bottom line is the scale never lies.  So start thinking of the dreaded scale in a different way. The scale can be a great tool in the journey to lose weight.  It can be a weekly reminder (or for some of you a daily reminder) about what you’re doing right as you watch the numbers go down.

On your journey of learning how to think thin, you’re going to have a lot of different tools to use from your toolbox and the scale will help you to take a hard look at where you are really at. So now is the time to do it, jump on, and take a hard look on that number staring back at you and make a decision to move in the direction of a Thinking Thin Lifestyle.