Weight Loss January Blahs

Okay, so here is what I think happened. You probably started the New Year off dedicated to creating a new you. You might have even started right after Christmas day - maybe getting a jump of the yearly ritual that takes place with millions of us. And you did good for a couple of days but you began to realize the monstrous weight loss battle you had in front of you and it felt too big, too overwhelming, and now the second week in January you feel yourself sputtering. You've just gone back to what you do best and you're feeling s-t-u-c-k. Ugg.  Trust me when I say that's normal.

Here's what I want you to consider: weight loss takes time (yep, I said it) and weight loss can take many attempts (yep, I believe it), and weight loss can be permanent if you take just small steps in that direction (yep, I feel it).

The National Weight Control Registry has looked at long-term successful weight loss and it has given us insight into how individuals succeed at their weight loss attempts. (check out their website too).  Their research findings state:

98% of participants report they modified their food intake in some way to lose weight, and, 94% increased their physical activity, with the most frequent reported form of activity being walking.

What's that you say....you don't have to belong to a gym, or have expensive exercise equipment, or huff and puff with all those fit people in the rumba class?  Yes, even in January you can go to the Mall and take a few laps around. Maybe take a walk around the neighborhood.  The other encouraging statistic is 98% of participants modified their food intake. Making small changes in your diet can be a HUGE thing.

So tell me, what are some ways that you can purposely move your body, and, what part of your 'diet' can you start to modify?  If you're in this for the long haul, these small steps will get you going in the right direction.

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