Mindless Night Time Eating

It crept upon me without even realizing it. Oh sure, I could blame it on restlessness (I was!), or I was bored (I wasn't), or that it was a cold winter night and there was reruns on tv so I just wanted to check out what was in the cupboards. And the fridge. And husband's secret stash area (that he doesn't think I'm aware of).  But NOOOO, I was in a full fledged mental fog.  I tasted this, I took a bite of that and before I knew it, I was about 230 calories in to an outright craving.  Ugg.  It was truly mindless eating at it's finest.

Thankfully I took control of my senses before any more collateral damage occurred.  I literally had to reverently bow my head just to break the stimulus to my visual senses.  It helped me take a deep breath and immediately re-assess what the heck I was doing.  I needed to shake the cobwebs out of my brain and regain control. Just when you think you have control....BAM....you wonder how you lost consciousness for a brief moment and woke up with crumbs on your lips.

I suppose it shows that I'm just as human as the person reading this.  I know the "tricks of the weight loss trade" and I found myself in a weak moment myself. A very weak moment.  I was also thinking I know how long it takes me on the treadmill to burn about 230 calories - so that helped me put an end to the nonsense eating too.

So remember this next time you find yourself mindlessly eating at night:

1. Do not get discouraged and start self-sabotaging thoughts and allow yourself to keep eating. The key is to make a MINDFUL decision about eating.

2. When you feel the intensity of a craving, distract yourself at all cost.  Journal your little heart out. Take a walk (away from the kitchen). Start a load of laundry (yes, I said that).  Basically do anything that doesn't involve chewing and swallowing.

3. Take inventory of what's going on emotionally and mentally within yourself when you're mindlessly looking for something "little" to eat.  Don't soothe emotions with food.  For example, if you're bored, recognize it, admit it out loud (always very helpful to hear it said out loud, you hear it differently then just 'mentioning' it inside your head) and tell yourself that just because you're bored doesn't mean it will change with a little bit of food.

By the way, I left the kitchen and went back to my reruns!

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