Eating Protein in Your Daily Diet

Admittedly I am not a dietician or nutritionist but I know the importance of having protein as part of your diet. I know that protein helps our cells to grow and repair, and plays all sorts of roles in maintaining our health, and protein can give us an energy boost.

I also know there are days when my 'whole diet' is less than desirable and while exercise has really been helping me with my energy levels, there are moments throughout my day where I can feel zapped (thankfully not every day). So before I start "stupid eating" (another term I use with myself for MINDLESS EATING) I've been grabbing this quick snack and it seems to really be holding me over until I can get to a healthy lunch or dinner.

I just want to share with you about an All Natural Nutritional Bar that I recently discovered while cruising the aisles of Costco and I absolutely l-o-v-e them. These bars are high in protein and they seem to really help suppress my appetite.

I've been looking for a good, 'complete' bar that would be easy to snack on when I was pinched for time and help to eliminate that gnawing feeling of hunger - that can sometimes get you into trouble with mindless eating!!

I am not an expert with all the choices of protein or nutritional bars on the market, I'm simply sharing with you my experience. They're called Classic Zone Perfect and I particularly like Fudge Graham (14g protein) and Chocolate Peanut Butter (15g protein).

Let me know if you have found a protein or nutritional bar that has worked for you - my other criteria is it has to be moist/fresh and actually taste good! is a good resource to get a complete printable list of foods high in protein and foods with calorie, carbs and protein content - very helpful for those of you who want more protein in your diet.

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