King of Exercise

There was the King of Pop. The King of Rock and Roll. And now the King of Exercise.  For those of you who have been under a rock, fitness guru Jack LaLanne died this week at the age of 96. Un-be-lievable!

I remember watching him as a kid, in his one piece leotard, holding on to the side of the chair while raising his leg up and down, up and down all the while encouraging those watching to take heed of his advice about the value of moving your body.

I guess he showed us all what living a healthy life was all about.

In the many tributes to Jack this week, I caught a glimpse of an interview he did and he said that "....people don't die of old age, they die of inactivity..."

And that got me thinking about my post on January 17th called Exercise: Booty, Sweat & Tears (lot of tears) - check it out again - Jack was right, OUR BODIES ARE MEANT TO MOVE!

Exercise tells our cells to grow, and gives us psychological benefits, and just generally makes us feel better and look good.  I encourage you today to "move it move it" - any way you can.

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