Visualize Weight Loss Success!

I was watching the Ellen DeGeneres Show and she had New Orleans Saints quarterback, Drew Brees as a guest. Ellen asked him (I’m ab-libbing now) how he feels and what he’s thinking when there’s an important play to be made, there’s two minutes left, and you know that what you do in the next play is critical to either winning or losing the biggest game of your life - how are you feeling at that moment?

Drew responded saying that because he has gone over that play countless times (throughout the week) in his head, that when he gets to that stressful moment, he’s not thinking, he’s just doing because he’s already visualized a thousand times what the successful outcome will look like.

And of course me being me, I related his comments to our weight loss attempts. You hear of professional athletes using visualization all the time. Do you think “visualizing” is beneficial for athletes only? Heck no!

Think for a minute what he was doing - He was visualizing what he had to do and how he was going to do it ahead of time so when he’s feeling the stress of the moment, he doesn’t buckle.

How many times do you start your day without a plan and the first time you were hit with a growling stomach, or a pain in the neck co-worker, or the children grumping about something, or anything else that goes wrong in your day (I could keep listing if you wanted me to), that you buckle and find yourself grabbing food to soothe whatever feeling you were having at that moment.

Let me challenge you to do this - visualize yourself how you want to look.  Go on….take a moment to do that.

Now visualize yourself taking the steps to do it (there are many, I realize). See yourself actually doing the first step that you need to take. Just start with the first step.

Now, the most important thing, visualize how you’re going to respond when stress creeps up, boredom creeps in, icky life situations creep around, and you just want to pop something in your mouth.  In your minds eye, visualize what you will do about that sensation, that feeling.

Visualize yourself putting down the food.
Visualize yourself walking away.
Visualize yourself giving yourself a pep talk (you may need it at this point).
Visualize how you are going to achieve weight loss success.

Visualize success. And every time your thinking wonders back to “I’ve never been able to do this long term,” visualize yourself having a new weight loss language.

What YOU do in the next play of the game is critical to either winning or losing the biggest game of your life. Visualize winning!

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