Fresh Fitness Focus For February

Okay…so here‘s the deal.  As you know January is almost behind us and February is on our heels, and sometimes we use specific benchmarks as a starting point or a deadline for something we want to do or accomplish (like losing weight).

As dieters a specific benchmark we tend to use is “Monday mornings” - especially after a weekend of joyfully eating our way through social gatherings, or baking up a storm because it’s cold outside.  Have you ever said to yourself, “I’ll start my diet on Monday morning” and then what typically happens by Thursday?  You get my point.

You can’t start to diet without first figuring out some of those psychological issues you have about dieting/food first.  Part of it is dealing with the mindless eating that we all partake in and having strategies to help you deal with mindless eating.

The way you think about dieting has to change first before you think about what diet you’ll be on (which should be second).  If you’re interested in learning more about that, the TrainYour Brain ecourse might be what you’re looking for.

But in the meantime, how about a fresh start for February!  And I love the fact that February doesn’t start on a Monday, so starting on a Tuesday will be different than what you‘re use to.

Have your focus be on what you can do right this month with your eating, diet and exercise, and not what you’ve been doing wrong.

Focus on one small change you can make this month.
Focus on having a new dieting language this month
(No more “I can‘t do this,” or “It’s too hard to do this consistently.“  Change to thinking more like this - “I‘m doing this for the rest of my life, if I made one mistake right now I can start over right now, and not wait until Monday").

Focus on you this coming month!

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