Happy Valentine’s Day to You

Ahh…love is in the air.
Flowers are aplenty.
Love sentiments are all around.
And so is food, food, food.

Every where I looked today there was food: moonpies with red crème frosting oozing out from between the moist layers of chocolate, two kinds of homemade bread, cupcakes (lots of cupcakes), and someone made a double-decker strawberry drenched white frosted cake. Pulleeze!

Do not ask me how I did it because any other day my knees would start to buckle and I would start salivating at the mere sight of all of these goodies spread out for all to enjoy, but today….I walked away.

Time and time again today, I walked away.
It. Was. Hard.

If you had a day like mine where all you saw was little food grenades all over the place, and you dodged them successfully - then kudos to you.

If you had a day where you ate your way through it, then STOP. Even as you’re reading this….just stop a minute and “regroup.”

Acknowledge you had weak moments, maybe made bad food choices all day, but know you don’t have to continue eating out of control the rest of the week, and tell yourself that you’ll start over again next Monday.

It’s about learning new behavior, and it will happen.
Hang in there.

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One Response to Happy Valentine’s Day to You

  1. Justine says:

    Kudos to you for walking away!! I had the same intentions when I went to work Monday, but I gave in.
    Like at a buffet when you think you are taking “just a little” of everything, you end up with a BIG plateful, so I took samples of all the treats brought in for coffee time. In retrospect, I could have calmly looked everything over and selected a couple of the BEST and enjoyed it with no guilt. Instead I over-indulged and typically felt terrible about it later.
    Well…..it’s a new day and I will not give up!!!

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