Green, Minty Temptation

It's a gorgeous beautiful sunny day here in West Michigan today, reaching almost a balmy 49 degrees. If I didn't have to look at the white stuff still on the ground, I swear it smells like Spring! Or maybe that's the rain coming.

Nonetheless, I was driving past a McDonald's today and they were advertising their Shamrock shakes. Now that is temptation at it's finest for me. The thing that cracks me up about myself is I would have forgotten all about them and another year would have gone by (as I never go to McDonald's to eat) but nooooo, I happen to glance at their sign and, well.....

So I have to get ONE between now and March 17th.  And just when I thought that the month of March doesn't bring food temptation.  Oh, did I mention the Cadbury eggs I'm seeing all around too.  Arg!  How's your Fat Tuesday going??!

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  1. Brenda says:

    It’s okay!!! “You deserve a break today” 🙂
    Hope you enjoyed it…just don’t enjoy one everyday until March 17 or you will look like the hamburgler for sure!

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