Healing Benefits of Sunshine!

I’m wondering how many people are feeling the effects of yesterdays 80 degree weather day here in good ol’ West Michigan.  And by “effects” I mean aching body’s and sunburn faces from all the activity and warm gorgeous sun that graced us all day long.

What a welcome change from a long, dull winter - it always is. I saw faces in the neighborhood for the first time since last Fall. I saw houses with the windows wide open. I saw bikers on the roadways. Lots of bikers. There were people walking their dogs. And people in their convertibles, with their hair whipping wildly in the wind. I saw motorcyle riders, and lots of people golfing.

The sunshine seems to bring instant psychological reprieve for those of you who struggle with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). The sunshine brightens moods of people who deal with depression, it can lift the spirits of those who feel at their lowest. Sunshine is also an important source of vitamin D - and for those of you who struggle with low levels of vitamin D (like myself), you know how that effects your energy and motivation.

There is something very healing about sunshine. I can’t describe it but I know that internally you feel what you see around you externally. Everything seems brighter. Cheerier. And you feel you can conquer things differently. Sunshine makes you want to move, and exercise releases chemicals in the brain - you know, those “feel good chemicals” that help you physically and mentally.

So today may be a lot “cooler” than it was yesterday - and that’s okay. For right now, I can live on the thoughts that better days are a comin’ and until they get here I can enjoy the day I’ve been given to me today. Sunshine or not.  Although I prefer SUN!

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