3 Things to Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

The mind is everything - what you think, you become.
You are what you believe.

Have you heard these phrases before? Well it’s true. Your thoughts, your mind is a very powerful thing. Here are some of the many things that get in the way of us logically changing our thinking whether you're dieting or starting an exercise routine or trying to eat better.

1.  Fear. Sometimes people can become so afraid of the unknown, of change, that they stay right where they’re at - emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. They would rather stay stuck in the present because sometimes the future is too scary. Maybe you’re thinking that “change” requires too much work to move into the future, so you do nothing at all.

For example, think about going to a gym for the first time. Not only is it overwhelming to walk through the doors of any fitness center, but when you don't know the first thing about how to use any fitness equipment or what is expected at an exercise class, you may have a tendency to shut down and not do anything (I always say, don't forget about the tan, size 6 females that are in cute little workout clothes - that's enough to put fear in to anyone!!)

Making change easier: Having a sense of what is required of you and a plan as to how you can make change happen is extremely helpful in moving forward - no matter what you look like!

2.  Prior failures.  With a track record of very little dieting success, it’s easy to think of yourself as a loser. After all, if you’re not winning at something then you must be a loser. And when it comes to weight loss you tell yourself all the time that you’ve tried everything in the book and nothing has EVER worked. You base any future dieting expectations and possible successes on prior failures and you talk yourself out of putting forth effort.

For example, if you're already thinking that you won't have any control over your eating at this upcoming Holiday because every Holiday you over indulge, then you set yourself up for failure based on old information.

Making change easier: Actually, turning around your thinking about prior failures will be very helpful for your future success.  You now have a whole book yourself of what works, and what doesn’t and the beautiful thing about it - the book is about you. Re-read that book again and discover how, where, and why you can do things different this time.

3.  Negative thinking: You are your own worst enemy. When you think you can’t do something long enough, your actions WILL follow what you think.  The thinking always proceeds the behavior - so if you’re thinking you can’t do something, if you automatically think you have no willpower, no follow-through, no abilities, then it goes without saying that your actions (your behaviors) will follow your thinking. The outcome will be exactly what you believe, what you think.

For example, you think it might be a good idea to try to do something about your body size. You're sick of feeling fat and out of control but you put forth a half-hearted effort toward change because you remind yourself that you usually only "diet" for 4 or 5 days and then life just gets in the way, and you stop "dieting."

Making change easier:
Does it make sense that if you “feed” your mind negative thoughts about yourself all the time - and actually believe those negative thoughts - that you then can “feed” your mind with positive, inspiring and encouraging words - and start believing those positive thoughts?

How about if you do things different this time - how about you start that new lifestyle diet and this time if you stumble along the way, you have a phrase or an attitude that will help you to get on course again and realize that stumbling is a normal part of change.

If we are what we believe, then you need to fill your brain, your mind with affirming statements. About your possibilities. About what you do do right. About your progress. About your successes.

A book I read frequently is full of wisdom and in one of the Chapters it reads “Death and life are in the power of the tongue,” think for a minute how true that is. With everything you go through on any given day, the power of our thoughts will determine death or life in how you conduct yourself, how you handle successes, and how you attack your goals.

If you are what you believe, then start believing BIG for yourself today.

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