Spring into Exercise!

Spring always seems like a good time to reset our thinking about exercise. Probably because of longer days of light (yea) and nicer weather (double yea), it’s a natural thing to start thinking of those days of wearing shorts, short-sleeved shirts and maybe a sundress or two.

In case you haven’t noticed, in the world of health and fitness, goal setting is very important. And there’s good reason for that. So whether you just want to relieve stress or truly get your body back in tip top shape, have a goal in mind. Decide how long you can exercise, and how many days a week, and be realistic about your goal.

In working with people through the years with their weight loss goals, I remind them that you shouldn’t put down a goal of exercising 5 times a week if you really can’t.

The goal is to SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS. If you can only set aside time (this week) to exercise 2 times for one hour, then for this week work on attaining that particular goal.

Some other helpful hints are to find a friend or a co-worker who can go to the gym with you or  on a couple power walks with you. Having someone exercise with you can motivate you and help you to commitment to your workouts.

Also, find several activities that you like to do, and change up your exercise routines when you feel yourself getting bored with the same old thing.  Mix it up with Kickboxing classes, long walks, biking, yoga - lots of different activities!

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