Don’t Diet!

Having a healthy diet will help you maintain a healthy body weight. The research has consistently and conclusively proven that being over-weight increases your risk of high cholesterol and heart disease. An interesting fact about weight gain and heart disease involves your waistline.

Research indicates that a waist size of less than 40 inches for men and less than 35 inches for women lowers cardiac risk. Focus on making your waist smaller than your hips.

Avoid the temptation of jumping on the next diet bandwagon. Healthy, long-lasting weight loss requires dietary adjustments that you can live with for a lifetime.

When you combine a healthy diet with consistent physical activity, you are well on your way to naturally controlling cholesterol while helping to prevent the No. 1 disease killer of our time - heart disease.  Remember, your day-to-day diet and lifestyle choices have a colossal effect on your long-term heart health.  Keep everything in moderation so you can enjoy a longer and more enjoyable life. (brought to you by better

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