I Quit!

Do you ever feel like giving up? Do you ever feel like ‘the challenge’ is too big, and you can’t win anyway, so why keep trying?  You could probably equate that feeling to so many areas in your life but the bigger question (for me) is why does someone keep plugging away at a challenge that has seemingly very little reward. What is it that keeps nagging at you to “keep going,” to try one more time.

For some it’s an internal optimism that you have, or a faith that sustains you, or a positive attitude that surrounds you. There’s something within you in which you purposely chip away at “the mountain,” you actually like the challenge of a challenge and you shrug your shoulders at life’s speed bumps and don’t consider them road blocks.

For some the alternative of consistently trying is quitting and that’s not who you are. Your sense is if you quit or give up, you’ll be worse off then where you’re currently at, so stopping is not an option. Your personal fortitude won’t allow you to give up - so you keep plugging away at a goal, a challenge, or a hurdle. You know the rewards are few and far between, and the struggle seems harsh some days, but you have your eye on the prize.

If life is about the journey, know that the journey can get hard sometimes and doesn’t make sense at other times. It’s normal to feel like you want to quit and to give up when the going gets tough but when you feel stuck, know that we all have within us the ability to change based on our optimism, faith and attitude!

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