7 Ways to Help a Depression Diet

There IS a connection between mind and body, and a healthy ‘diet’ can be part of an overall wellness plan (according to Howto.com). Here's some ideas to kick off your depression diet:

#1: Cut back on caffeine. Anxiety can be depressions ugly cousin and drinking too much caffeine can make you feel anxious or nervous. Drinking less caffeine can help you sleep better too. Good sleep habits are important so back off the caffeine.

#2: Get physical. Exercise helps improve your mood. Forget the 30 minute exercise class if that’s not you but JUST MOVE. It doesn’t matter how, just pick something you like to do (gardening, swimming, riding a bike, walking) and do it until you start to increase your activity levels, and continue doing it.

#3: Sunlight - vitamin D. It’s true, those darker colder months effects us differently. Light therapy or the natural sunlight is healing for our mental health.

#4: Finding pleasure, exploring other outlets. Try photography, wood working, painting, journaling/writing - do something to explore your feelings on other activities in which you get to express yourself

#5: Mental Mindfulness. When you are overwhelmed and feel too stressed, consider ways of relaxing your mind. Use prayer, music, deep breathing, warm baths - anything that helps you refocus on the healthy path you want to take.

#6: Volunteer. Helping others helps you feel good about YOU and can give you a sense of purpose and involvement.

#7: Continue with a treatment plan. Even when you have bad days and don’t feel like putting one foot in front of the other, remind yourself how far you’ve come. You’ve created an “awareness” (that’s a good thing), now slowly keep working on the “action” part of your plan by working with a friend, pastor, counselor - and of course, all of the things above.

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