Walk a Mile in My Shoes – Please!

What is it about vacations that you find yourself doing things you wouldn’t normally do at home. As I mentioned in a post earlier this week, my husband and I set off for Nevada and Arizona to explore all that this country has to offer - and boy, are we taking advantage of that.  I’ve been wearing my pedometer all week and am AMAZED at how many miles we are walking per day.

We found this beautiful area North of Las Vegas called Mt. Charleston. The elevation was high and the temperatures were low and we went all over that mountain. In fact, we walked 8 miles! How does that happen?!? My husband and I were laughing about the thought of us being at home and saying to each other “…let’s take a walk, in fact, let’s walk 8 miles…”  - it would never happen, and yet walking has come so easy this week. Back home you have your little ol’ route all planned out, a timeframe to stick to, and you don’t detour too far from the schedule. On vacation however the sites and sounds are sensory overload and your routine-of-life is thrown off, so you find yourself doing….things you wouldn’t normally do.

With some health and work issues this winter it was easy to find myself being down, slightly depressed, and quite frankly just going through “life’s motion’s”.  Then to top it off, Michigan hasn’t quite had the stellar Spring we were all looking forward to get us out of the dark days of Winter.  But with the beginning of June it seems I have found my strength this week, along with the sunshine. Have I ever mentioned how ‘healing’ the sun can be for you physically, mentally and spiritually - it’s like free medication. Oh yes…I do believe I’ve mentioned the benefits of Vitamin D and the gorgeous sunshine a time or two before.  (After 10-15 minutes though put on your sunscreen - can’t forget to mention that).

We have more days ahead of us with lots of walking planned - after all, we are in Vegas - so I hope to log in many more miles on my pedometer.

Physical activity, sunshine, and a week with husband is just what the doctor ordered. Oh, and a good pedometer!!

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