4 Ways to Unclutter Your Home and Mind!

How does your house look right now? And maybe I don’t mean your whole house but do you ever have a room, a closet, or a pile that you mean to get to, sort through and organize but one day leads to another and another and nothing gets done?

I’ve done this so many times myself, and it drives me nuts. I will procrastinate and find a zillion other things to do rather then focus on the actual thing that’s bugging me.

Maybe you’ve done this too. You even chide yourself, and remind yourself that you can take control of the uncontrollable but the visual reminder gets bigger and bigger until you shut down - physically and emotionally. It’s almost like you tell yourself if you don’t fuss about it, and don’t acknowledge the mess, no one else will and it won‘t matter.

But it doesn’t always work that way. When our “visual space” gets cluttered it can have a profound effect on how we function, and even how we feel about ourselves.

Usually what happens is there becomes so much “stuff” that you don’t know where to begin, and so the mess stays there - mocking you about your inability to get your life together.  It can feel downright depressing to individuals and a messy space can be overwhelming and frustrating to a point that you do nothing.

Seems ridiculous - doesn’t it!

Let me tell you though, those feelings are perfectly normal.  Sometimes the hardest thing you can do is move forward because that requires action on your part and NO ONE ELSE CAN DO IT FOR YOU. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would!!

Here are some good reminders about how you can start to get your life organized:

#1: Make a plan. Do not tell yourself you’re going to clean the whole house….because the reality is, you’re just not going to. Be very literal about what you will do. For example - “I will start Tuesday after work on the kitchen table, and by the weekend I will have everything on the table organized, thrown away, given away, or put-away in it’s proper place.”

Tackle one area of clutter at a time. Give yourself a time limit and work within those constraints.

#2: Sometimes it's really, really helpful to get someone else to work along side of you when you want to tackle a spot in your home.  When something gets so overwhelming you literally don’t know where to begin and working with someone else can keep you on task.  Some people just don’t know how to get their things organized but a friend, family member, (or professional organizer) can be a godsend. Use them!

#3: If you haven’t seen it, touched it, or used it in the last year, will you really miss it? Consider saying good-bye to some of your stuff.  Give it to Goodwill or some other organization and let someone else enjoy it.

#4: Have a space or place for everything and every time you use it - put it back.  After years of doing this, I finally "get it" and besides, it's easier to find things that way too! It's amazing how family members will follow your lead. Yes, it might take a few reminders when they forget, but it is SO WORTH IT.

The end result - surprisingly - is that you feel more in control, and somehow end up feeling better about yourself and really good about your clean, organized space!!

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