Best Day to Diet is Coming Up

Are you familiar with The Old Farmer's Almanac? It's typically chuck full of information about predicting weather patterns and forecasts as well as many other gardening and nature-related tips.  But did you know it can also help you with your diet?

Well, I had to laugh when I heard about this but apparently it will also give you the best day to start a diet if you want to lose weight, AND, the best day to start a diet if you want to gain weight. Yes, you read that right - gain weight!

Well....I looked it up ( and under "Best Days To" I found it. So I thought in honor of all the other gimmicks that we try to lose weight - and some of us go to great lengths to try anything, do anything - apparently the best day to start a diet to lose weight is (drum roll please) July 18th and 23rd.

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