Caffeine Addiction Withdrawals!

My head was pounding, and I didn’t know why. And on the second day, I think I figured it out.

You should know that for several years now I have been adding a flavored, caffeine powder packet to my cold bottle of water every morning, and that morning drink is the only time I drink caffeine. I very rarely drink anything else with caffeine in it, and I always look forward to this bottle of water because it gives me just enough “kick” to get me going every day. You coffee drinkers will understand this morning routine!

Recently my husband and I went away for a long weekend and I realized on the first day of our get-away that I forgot my little packets of caffeine, and I had a passing thought of how my morning routine was being thrown off. But with lots of activities to get to, I didn’t give it another thought - until the headache got worse throughout the day. Geez Louise! It was a full blown migraine by the time I got to bed that night.

On the second morning I came face to face with the realization that perhaps my headache was due to caffeine withdrawals, and the start of a second day with a dull thud in my head began.

(Did you know that the so-called caffeine headache is the most common withdrawal symptom experienced when a person abstains from or attempts to break their addiction to caffeine? A John Hopkins Medicine study showed that 50% of people who consume caffeine on a daily basis experience a headache within 24 hours of abstaining from it).

The bottom line is I put up with a bad headache for a couple days but was so busy for the four days I didn’t notice any other physical symptoms (see my post from June 14, 2011 for more addiction/withdrawal information).

So the dilemma is….now that I’m back to the normal routine of life (ho hum), do I go back to my beloved caffeinated morning drink, or do I let it go, stay headache-free and just have the bottle of water?  Seems kind of boring doesn’t it - I’ll let you know what I do.

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2 Responses to Caffeine Addiction Withdrawals!

  1. Susimex says:

    Did you know that drinking caffeine interferes with how your body uses Vitamin D and Calcium? Post menopausal women should keep caffeine to a minimum to prevent bone loss.

  2. Kris says:

    I agree – thanks for the reminder. I haven’t had any in approx. a week so aside from some headaches initially, I think I’m okay without it.

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