Vitamin D and Weight Loss?

When you feel good physically, your life feels more balanced overall. Which got me thinking about how well I've been feeling lately, and the hard lessons I learned this past Winter about my thyroid, and how low levels of Vitamin D will make you move like a slug. Who knew! I've taken advantage of the sun throughout the Spring and Summer (not so much during this hot HUMID weather, but I tried), and the supplements are helping.

I'm still trying to educate myself and keep updated with everything I need to know about our good ol' thyroid, and working closely with my doctor to help me to become more balanced. I know I mentioned this before but I think I have one of the best doctors, who took my symptoms seriously and did some more digging with her questions and blood work to get to the bottom of my issues.

Anyway, please view this short video if you're struggling too - it's full of good information....

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