Monday Morning Diets

We’ve all been there. At some point - usually over the weekend - you bargain with yourself  about all the food temptations that are before you. Before you know it, you’re mentally shrugging your shoulders and convincing yourself that you’ll start behaving on Monday.  And you eat your way through the weekend.

What is it about Mondays that is the defining day of starting diets?  Sometimes you try to shake things up and you tell yourself you’ll start watching what you eat on New Year’s Day, or after a milestone birthday - no matter what day it falls on.  You might even think it’s a good sign if the first day of the month falls on a Monday.  We use a lot of “psychological tricks” when starting a diet.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter when you start your diet, but WHY.  Yep, that’s right. Your diet will tend to be more successful if you focus on the reasons for dieting instead of what is on your grocery list!

So what that means is it will benefit you more to set aside that grocery list and come up with another list of WHY you want to lose weight.  Now on the surface that seems simple enough but for some people that requires you to “dig deep” and come face to face with those realities that you don’t necessarily want to deal with.

Here are some of those WHY realities that you may be experiencing:

*You don’t feel emotionally good about yourself.
*You’re physically winded all the time after you slightly exert yourself.
*You constantly feel tired.
*Your stamina isn’t quite what it use to be.
*You just got a unhealthy diagnosis from the doctor.
*You can’t keep up with your kids (grandkids).
*You pull back from social situations because you’re embarrassed about how you look.

The list could go on and on, and those are really hard things to look at (on a piece of paper no less), and even harder to admit.  It seems easier to buy some food (to start your new diet) then to deal with the harder realities of why you should change your lifestyle because that requires a bigger action on your part.

I leave you with this today to consider:

1. There may be 18 reasons WHY you should lose weight. That’s okay. Put them in writing.

2. Just like you prepare your grocery list (whether in your head, or on a piece of paper), you must also prepare your mind. To change your lifestyle will require something of YOU. You need to be engaged, involved, and mindful of the process.

3. Know that it is a process…and that’s okay.  Dieting (also what I call “eating healthy”) is a process.  If you’re not use to eating the right foods, or eating healthy, it takes time to get it right. It takes time, be patient with yourself, you will start to notice the differences in your thinking about food and what you are eating because you’re doing it for the WHY reasons, and not what is considered the fastest way to lose weight on the newest diet craze.

I encourage you to stop thinking about Monday morning dieting, and no matter what day it is, it’s a good day to start working on YOU!

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