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Accomplishing Your Goals and Staying Motivated

Benjamin Franklin said  Energy and persistence conquer all things.

Consistency is an action that is often overlooked by society. You probably don’t hear people telling you to be consistent in order to accomplish your goals. This quote reminds us that persistence and energy can conquer anything. On days when you don’t feel like doing anything, think about staying consistent.

Consistency with energy is a powerful tool for completing any task, especially your goals…so use it whenever you get a chance.   (

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4 Questions to Ask Yourself About Stress & Anxiety

I found myself pacing.
Walking back and forth with really nothing in hand.
Trying to find something, anything, that would satisfy.
On the last walk-through, I realized I wasn’t dealing with the real issue.

I wasn’t hungry but I was taking out my stress in the kitchen. With the final pass-through I realized what was going on. I wasn’t hungry, I was feeling anxious. I was anxious about a zillion little things that apparently have been building throughout the entire day. I knew it, I could feel myself do it, and now the outcome of all those thoughts were “kitchen time.”

Anxiety can come in so many forms, and not everyone who worries a lot has an anxiety disorder but some symptoms you may have are:

Emotionally: feelings of dread, feeling tense or jumpy, being irritable, experience restlessness, or just have trouble concentrating.

Physically: experience sweating, stomach upset, insomnia, fatigue, muscle tension, or headaches.

Now it’s true that long-term and on-going anxiety symptoms are typically something that needs to be discussed with your doctor or therapist but we can all have those moments of anxiousness that can just leave you feeling out of sorts.  And because of those feelings, you can find yourself wandering in places (like a kitchen), and doing things that only mask the real feelings that you’re dealing with.

So some good questions to ask yourself to help you deal with those anxious moments are:

Is there responsibilities that you can give up, turn down, or delegate to others?
Can you ask for help when you need it?
Do you get the emotional support you need?
Is there time each day for relaxation and/or fun?

Always seek “balance” in your life. Minimizing and managing your anxiety can really help the stress from accumulating and for you to stay in control - and to stay out of the cupboards and fridge.


People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.  Zig Ziglar

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The Naked Truth

Have you ever seen yourself naked and wondered, “…what on earth happened here…”?  We’ve all had those moments where you push back the shower curtain and the mirror across the way shows every little imperfections, blemish and bumps (or is that “rolls“?) If you’re so fortunate as to not have a mirror across from the shower, perhaps you’ve caught a glimpse of yourself as you scamper across the room to get ready.

Either way, some times the hard reality really hits you. You have a moment where you realize life, age, gravity, whatever you want to call it has taken over.  Yes, I’m at that age where I realize I won’t be like I was in my 30’s, 20‘s, or heaven-forbid my teens, but I like where I’m at. I’m just not always comfortable with what I see.

Now here’s even more hard reality. You may not like how you look right now, but you can do something about it. Ouch, I told you that was the hard reality.

You have the ability within you to create the change you want.

I hear what you’re thinking….“but if all of these life factors outside of my control have taken over, why bother trying anymore?”  The reason you bother trying is because it’s not about quantity (your weight), it’s about quality (your life).  And if you’re not living the kind of life you should because of your body, then start taking Baby Steps in the direction you need to be. Baby Steps…not Giant Leaps, because you‘ll be more likely to work at little goals then trying to accomplish a big one too fast!

Sometimes seeing yourself naked can be a good thing!  The “why’s” of weight loss are more important then the “when’s” or “how’s” so maybe that glimpse you see of yourself will be the number one “why” reason that you will have to start getting healthier.

Fueling and Feeding Your Body

Are you giving your body the right kind of gas?  Okay, now that I have your full attention, it’s not the kind of gas you may be imagining.

I thought this re-post might be worth sharing again especially since I've taken on a new challenge. And depending on what's happening with your life right now, it's a good reminder about the importance of valuing YOU.

My tank was on empty recently, and I pulled in to my local gas station. Since it now takes about 10 minutes and $50.00 a week to fill my little tank, I have plenty of time to daydream about various things while waiting for the pump to click “full.”

So I started comparing my cars gas tank with my own physical “tank.“ I was thinking how our bodies are like our cars gas tank, and how sometimes we too run low on fuel – or have empty tanks.

When our car run's out of gas, there is a tremendous amount of anxiety about whether we’ll make it to the station in time, sometimes our car is coughing on fumes alone, and sometimes the tank is empty and the car isn’t going anywhere (sound familiar?).

When our physical tank is out of gas it affects us mentally, emotionally and physically.  When we don’t eat right and get the right nutrients in our body, it matters, it affects us. We don’t think clearly, our energy levels are sunk, and sometimes we feel we’re existing on fumes alone.

And even though we’re offered three grades of gasoline at the pump, we typically go with the cheapest and just put Regular in and get on with our day.  Think about how many times you are offered better, quality food options (in restaurants, at home, or grocery stores) and for various reasons continue to do the same old Regular thing and get on with your day.

Then I started thinking about the difference and importance of putting “Premium” gas into our tanks (our belly‘s), and fuel our system (our body) in healthy and sustaining ways and yet we don’t often make those right choices on a daily basis.

Afterall, when you think about premium gas for a car you think about how it is typically formulated for high-end vehicles in order for those cars to get maximum performance.  When is the last time you thought of yourself as a high-end car? Or that you’re getting maximum performance with the substances you’re putting into your system?

Then, I started thinking (I told you, I have a few minutes to daydream at the pump) how a race horse, an athlete, or a Mercedes Benz all require high grade fuel for high quality performance, and the trainer, coach or mechanic would not dream of suggesting putting anything but the best top notch fuel into the tank of their star “performer.”

As I pulled away with a full tank and an empty wallet I was surprisingly encouraged by my own analogy of my cars gas tank and my own physical gas tank and was reminded that I’m important enough to put the best fuel I can into ME.

I encourage you to put the very best fuel (food) into your tank this week and hey, if it help’s to think of yourself as a race horse, athlete, or a Mercedes Benz then you have my permission to do so because I want you to give yourself the right kind of “gas.”

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Are There Any Carbohydrate Junkies Out There?

Ya know…there may be something to the idea that family members who are themselves overweight feel threatened when you try to manage your own weight. Therefore they bring home (or buy) all kinds of goodies for you to visually see and smell and to test you to the very limit.

Recently someone very near and dear to my heart (who is not overweight and is just as much as a "carbo junkie" as I am) went to a sandwich shop and realized they sell their loafs of day-old bread really cheap, so guess what - he brought some home. He brought a lot home! You know if your addicted to carbohydrates, it feel’s so wrong to turn it down cause just a few bites feels so....homey, so comforting.

Well, I had to take a picture and show you what I had to visually look at. Oh, by the way, you could literally smell the bread when you walked into the kitchen because my helpful sabotager warmed it up. Arg.  I immediately removed myself and asked him to have his piece but then get rid of it, and I didn't care how.  I just looked at him and said “You’re killin’ me - don’t do this anymore.”  And he won’t.

I had to share with you that I get daily temptations thrown at me all the time too. But there's something very empowering about walking away.

Nip Food Cravings – Again!

Losing weight is a mind game and you have to know the rules of the game in order to win the game.

Part of a winning strategy is to have a lot of plays to use until the “game” you’re playing becomes second nature. And trust me, the weight loss mind game does start to get better and change over time, with patience and self-reminders throughout each day.

In my last post I shared Mindset Techniques that can help you with your food cravings. Here are four more techniques for you to try.

If you’re still tempted to eat something you shouldn’t after you’ve done all five mindset techniques, then try as many of the Behavioral Techniques below as you need:

1.  Distance yourself from the food your crave. When you experience a craving because you see or smell food, you might be able to move that food to an inconvenient place (where you can’t see it) or to get rid of it (give it away, throw it away, or put it down the disposal).

If you can’t remove the food from your immediate presence, you might be able to remove yourself from the scene. Leave the room, go to another part of the room, go to the restroom, or go outside.

2.  Drink a no- or low-calorie beverage. Thirst can mask as hunger and trigger you to eat. Consider drinking club soda, water with lemon, diluted juice (if your plan allows it), or another low-calorie drink.

3. Relax. You can teach your body how to relax in a variety of ways. Your library or bookstore has tapes and books on relaxation techniques.

One simple relaxation technique involves focusing on your breathing: Breathe in and out of your nose, slowly counting to four as you inhale and again to four as you exhale. Use very shallow breaths; don’t let your chest rise and fall. Set a timer and keep up this technique for a full three minutes. At the end of the three minutes, you should feel calmer and more in control of your cravings.

4.  Distract yourself. Do you remember a time when a natural distraction interrupted your craving and you later were glad you hadn’t eaten? Maybe a friend called, the dog insisted on taking you for a walk, or your boss came to discuss something with you? By the time you finished what you had to do, your craving had weakened or passed. You focused your attention on something else.

Once you stop giving in to cravings and they become much weaker and less frequent, dieting will easier.

(Mindset and Behavioral techniques provided by The Beck Diet Solution)

Food Cravings

If you’ve EVER had a food craving, you know the overwhelming sensation that you experience.  It is an intense feeling,  and typically very different than “normal hunger.”

According to the Wikipedia definition, there is no single explanation for food craving. Not very encouraging I realize. The explanations can range from low serotonin levels affecting the brain centers for appetite to production of endorphins as a result of consuming fats and carbohydrates.

Foods with high levels of sugar glucose, such as chocolate, are more frequently craved than foods with lower sugar glucose, such as broccoli.

And that’s because when glucose interacts with opiod system in the brain an addictive triggering effect occurs. The consumer of the glucose feels the urge to consume more glucose, much like an alcoholic, because the brain has become conditioned to release “happy hormones every time glucose is present.

As with anything relating to weight loss, it’s the difference in your thinking that’s going to allow you to make permanent changes in your eating habits.

Dr. Judith Beck (the Beck Diet Solution) reminds us that the emotionally painful part about a craving is the struggle you feel. Once you can say to yourself with total conviction - NO CHOICE - the craving will diminish.

She goes on to describe the Mindset Techniques and the number of steps of how to respond to your next craving.

The five steps help you prepare your mindset, and you should use the following every time you have a craving:

1.  Label it. Tell yourself, “This feeling is just a craving…it’s uncomfortable and intense but it’s not a (food) emergency.”

2. Stand firm. Tell yourself that you’re absolutely not going to eat the food that you’re craving. Remind yourself that you truly don’t want to strengthen your giving-in muscle and weaken your resistance muscle.

Thinking about giving in can undermine your confidence.

3. Don’t give yourself a choice. The emotionally painful part about a craving is the struggle you feel.

The craving won’t go away if you waver or say to yourself, this is so intense, I don’t know if I can stand it. Of course you can stand it! It might be uncomfortable, but nothing bad will happen if you withstand it.

4. Imagine the aftermath of giving in. Go ahead and think about eating the food you’re craving. Imagine it in your mouth. How many seconds does it take to eat it? How many seconds do you feel pleasure? Now visualize the rest of the picture - the part of the experience you usually don’t think about until it’s too late.

Picture yourself feeling weak and out of control. See yourself feeling upset, giving up, continuing to eat more and more, feeling worse and worse.  As you become upset in the image, remind yourself how many times you’ve given in before, how you promised yourself you wouldn’t do it again, and hopeless you felt.

Now….what seems better - eating or not eating?

5. Remind yourself WHY you want to learn to withstand cravings.

It’s always about the WHY of weight loss. Not when you start, not what food plan you’ll be on.  It’s about the WHY.

Always knowing the WHY of why you want to lose weight will come in handy through the days, weeks, and months as you start to change your lifestyle and will have to remind yourself (often) of the reasons you’re into this lifestyle change to begin with.