Are There Any Carbohydrate Junkies Out There?

Ya know…there may be something to the idea that family members who are themselves overweight feel threatened when you try to manage your own weight. Therefore they bring home (or buy) all kinds of goodies for you to visually see and smell and to test you to the very limit.

Recently someone very near and dear to my heart (who is not overweight and is just as much as a "carbo junkie" as I am) went to a sandwich shop and realized they sell their loafs of day-old bread really cheap, so guess what - he brought some home. He brought a lot home! You know if your addicted to carbohydrates, it feel’s so wrong to turn it down cause just a few bites feels so....homey, so comforting.

Well, I had to take a picture and show you what I had to visually look at. Oh, by the way, you could literally smell the bread when you walked into the kitchen because my helpful sabotager warmed it up. Arg.  I immediately removed myself and asked him to have his piece but then get rid of it, and I didn't care how.  I just looked at him and said “You’re killin’ me - don’t do this anymore.”  And he won’t.

I had to share with you that I get daily temptations thrown at me all the time too. But there's something very empowering about walking away.

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  1. Suerae Stein says:

    Great post and such a difficult thing to deal with! I have a friend who is the most thin and fit person I know and she comes from a family of people who struggle with weight. They give her nothing but grief about her healthy lifestyle. I think they are somehow threatened by her choices and it makes them feel less… I don’t know… something. Good for you for walking away. Just knowing you can do that will help you if there is a next time! ~ Suerae

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