The Naked Truth

Have you ever seen yourself naked and wondered, “…what on earth happened here…”?  We’ve all had those moments where you push back the shower curtain and the mirror across the way shows every little imperfections, blemish and bumps (or is that “rolls“?) If you’re so fortunate as to not have a mirror across from the shower, perhaps you’ve caught a glimpse of yourself as you scamper across the room to get ready.

Either way, some times the hard reality really hits you. You have a moment where you realize life, age, gravity, whatever you want to call it has taken over.  Yes, I’m at that age where I realize I won’t be like I was in my 30’s, 20‘s, or heaven-forbid my teens, but I like where I’m at. I’m just not always comfortable with what I see.

Now here’s even more hard reality. You may not like how you look right now, but you can do something about it. Ouch, I told you that was the hard reality.

You have the ability within you to create the change you want.

I hear what you’re thinking….“but if all of these life factors outside of my control have taken over, why bother trying anymore?”  The reason you bother trying is because it’s not about quantity (your weight), it’s about quality (your life).  And if you’re not living the kind of life you should because of your body, then start taking Baby Steps in the direction you need to be. Baby Steps…not Giant Leaps, because you‘ll be more likely to work at little goals then trying to accomplish a big one too fast!

Sometimes seeing yourself naked can be a good thing!  The “why’s” of weight loss are more important then the “when’s” or “how’s” so maybe that glimpse you see of yourself will be the number one “why” reason that you will have to start getting healthier.

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3 Responses to The Naked Truth

  1. Tammy says:

    Loved this post. Oh so true….yikes. It is the naked truth….and I could understand that while I was fully clothed. Thank God.

  2. Monique says:

    Oh how I can relate to this! And now that I’m at that point where “power surges” have started taking over, that mirror screams at me every time I run by it! LOL

  3. Suerae Stein says:

    Yes, the naked truth is hard and scary! And the older I get, I realize that it’s not just about how I look anymore, but about how much longer I have left and what I will be able to do in that time, like you say – the quality! So true – thank you for posting! ~ Suerae

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