5 Ways to Love What Your’e Eating!

I’ve decided to jump-start my weight loss efforts for the next several weeks and have been using a nutritional shake, which means I’ve been eating only one meal a day.

I’m finding for the most part, I’m absolutely fine throughout the day, and at the end of the day I plan accordingly for “dinner time” so I’m not grazing with mindless eating until dinner is done - or going stark-raving mad by the time I get to sit down and have my meal.

I will tell you though that planning is the key.  I figure I can do anything one week at a time so it doesn’t seem overwhelming, and I actually look forward to having a meal.

However, the one thing I noticed was how quickly I’m been gobbling down my one and only meal.  If I had to guess, it took me mere minutes to complete the meal. I’m not kidding! Then…. I had a light-bulb moment in the middle of scooping the food from the spoon to my awaiting mouth. My thought was - what on earth is the rush?

So I deliberately made a conscious choice to enjoy my food. Ya know, to actually taste it. I allowed myself to slow down - at least for 10 minutes - instead of rushing through things. Which I have a tendency to do, after all, there’s so much to do! Do you ever do that with meals?

I, like you, need to be reminded of things we do that may be sabotaging our weight loss efforts. While I try not to make food the focus of my day, when I need to, here are some key tips that will help you to really enjoy those well-deserved meals:

1. Eat sitting down (I’m even doing this with my shakes - taste what you’re putting in your mouth)
2. Time yourself with how long it takes to eat a meal. You may be surprised it takes you mere minutes to finish your meal too. Take 10 minutes or longer to eat your meal (it‘s good for your digestion too).
3. Try to have a relaxing, calming place in which to eat. We’re stimulated all day long with phone calls, tv, things to read, background noise, etc., find a relatively peaceful environment to enjoy your food.
4. Good dinner conversation is always a plus. Be careful of mindless eating though while your conversing, stick to your planned meal only, and enjoy your company and the conversation.
5. I’m a big believer that when you restrict a certain food is when you want it even more. Just be wise about portions. In the end, it’s all about portions.  Remember, cravings come and go and once you limit the foods you crave, your cravings will diminish significantly over time.

It probably goes against every dieting tip you’ve ever heard but I encourage you to love your food.

(By the way, if you’re interested in nutritional shakes, check it out at www.thinkingthinlifestyle.bodybyvi.com)

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  1. Kesha Brown says:

    Hey Fellow Visalus Challenger! Kris, these are some very good tips. I can tell you that just yesterday I ate my lunch without tv! That was a first. I’m usually perched in front of the big screen when I eat and wonder where my food went after 5 minutes!

    Now what I will try next at your behest is to sit and drink my shake without distraction and actually taste it. By the way, I spruce up my shakes with peanut butter and chocolate da vinci 0 calorie syrups and bananas…mmm, tasty! So it would be behoove me to sit and taste my delicious creations. 🙂

    Talk soon,

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