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Seasonal Expectations Got You Down? Here Are 3 Tips for Survival.

How can there possibly be any stress at this time of year! Children are happier (or is that crankier?), bosses seem nicer (maybe a Christmas bonus is coming?), and life seems easier with Bing Crosby singing in the background about White Christmas’ every where you go.

Maybe that’s not your reality. For most people, it probably isn’t. Maybe most of the time you find yourself saying “falala this!”

It makes me sad to think that we lose sight of what this time of year is all about but the truth is we’re moving at such a fast pace that those important things get lost in the shuffle.

Our expectations about this time of year can leave you feeling like you fall short. Expectations have a way of making you feel like you don’t measure up, and disappointment rears its ugly head.

When expectations collided with our reality, we can find ourselves over-eating, easily irritated and constantly frustrated. Here are a few tips to help you with what I call Seasonal Expectations:

First of all, learn that saying “NO” is okay to do. We get so stuck on what we should be doing that we lose ourselves in the chaos. The added stress of those feelings that the Holidays bring just aren’t worth it. Do what you have to do to keep yourself sane and that usually means saying NO to family, friends, co-workers, commitments at your childs school, functions at church, community gatherings….the list could go on and on.

Secondly, only do the things that make sense to you and that bring joy to you. Be with the people that you love and do the activities that you really want to do. When you do that, you’re more likely to enjoy what you’re doing and the participation doesn’t seem so laborious or overwhelming.

Third, and finally, take charge of those things you can control. Be deliberate about keeping yourself mentally, spiritually and physically healthy. Take a 10 minute brisk walk. Choose to eat well. Pray. Be in the moment (that’s hard sometimes) and stop fretting about the next moments. Read a good book, watch a good movie, have dinner with a friend, attend a church service, take an aunt and uncle out to lunch, instead of shopping - walk twice around the mall.

I saw a quote recently that I pass on to you. It’s a reminder to put things in perspective - especially during this ‘happy’ time of year.

"You owe it to yourself to find your own unorthodox way of succeeding,
or sometimes, just surviving."

So have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and then we can move on to Valentines Day (just another celebration with more expectations)!!

Two Minutes of Pleasure Bring Hours of Guilt

With one more Holiday under our belts, may I remind you we have a couple more to go - Christmas and New Years! Ugh. If I had a dollar for everyone who said to me this past week that they’ll “start their diets after the Holidays,” I’d be a richer woman but the truth is you hear it all the time. Maybe you have even said it recently.

There is something about the Holiday season in which we throw everything we know about eating properly out the window and food becomes a glorious gift wrapped in rich, sweet and delicious temptations that we love to open, enjoy and divulge in. We convince ourselves that it’s useless to try at “this time of year” and give ourselves permission to lose control all day, every day and then…..the guilt sets in.

Guilt is an intense emotion. One definition of guilt says,

    “a feeling of responsibility or remorse for some offense, crime, wrong, etc.,   whether real or imagined.”

After reading the definition you’re thinking - “yep, that’s me.”

I’m wondering if you can try this today, and in the next couple weeks. I’m wondering if you could start to look at “dieting” as the food you consume (take in) versus something you go on, and then off. Flip the script you have in your head about what a diet is. Just try it.

I’m also wondering if you could start to look at your diet (aka - your daily intake of food) as something you control instead of you feeling out of control. And here is the exciting part, to NOT deprive yourself of foods you want to eat.

That is a very scary thought for some of you but the minute you deprive yourself of some kind of food is the minute you are more likely to partake, and the two minutes of pleasurable eating is followed by hours of guilt.

It’s time to break the chain of bondage that the word “diet” holds over you.

Start by understanding the concept of a thinking thin lifestyle. You can still enjoy the bounty of food that the Season brings but you don’t have to have as much, or all the time. You can consciously tell yourself “no, not right now” or “no, I’m not really hungry” or “no, I don’t need it” and live through it.

The minute you make a conscious choice, not mindless eating, to slowly and deliberately enjoy what you’re eating - the taste, the smell, the texture - you are more likely to be in control. You can start making very deliberate decisions (mindful eating) about something as simple as your portion size, and even whether you want to finish what’s on your plate. Something as simple as leaving food on your plate is a powerful choice.

Think about it, having control is a very powerful thing!

Your focus isn’t on what you can’t have, but whether you’re eating healthy and still being able to include some of those foods that you think have to be off limits the rest of your life.

A thinking thin lifestyle has YOU in control, not the food. As you continue to enjoy the Holiday season, don’t trade in your two minutes of pleasure for hours of guilt. It’s no longer worth it.

Blogging. Health Coaching. And Nutritional Shakes!

I’ve been gone awhile - as far as blogging…heard from several of you that asked where I went. Thanks for that. It’s been a crazy couple months. I’ve actually been around but the other services on my site have been getting my attention lately.

There has been a huge interest in the coaching - which I love. Coaching gets you unstuck, it’s a way of getting you to take action, moving you forward and working on your health goals. Whatever they may be.

Coaching is also more short-term (than counseling) which helps launch you to work on your long-term health goals more efficiently. Coaching is very supportive and encouraging, and that can be really needed at this time of year. I love it, check it out.

Also, for those of you who love a challenge, we’re always shaking it up with the 90 Day Challenge. ( What I do know, about working with people who are interested in losing weight or eating healthier, is that we don’t often eat right. It’s a daily struggle, it has been for me. I found the shakes to be helpful (because I don’t have to think too much about what I’m going to have), they’re very tasty, and you can’t beat the cost per drink. Many of you obviously agree because you’re using the shakes and getting results.

I’m back! Call me or email me if you have any questions.