Looking for a Healthy Way to Lose Weight, or Meal Replacement?

“Fast Food” made healthy.

Cutting calories while getting proper nutrition can be hard, expensive, and time-consuming. The Vi-Shape shakes offers you a fast ‘ideal meal’ that can save you money while providing amazing nutrition.

Why is this shake better than others?
1.  A unique, concentrated and absorbable blend of proteins processed to remove fat, lactose, carbohydrates and isoflavones to provide pure, concentrated protein. When mixed with milk or soy milk, we provide 20-22 grams of protein, the right mix to burn fat and build lean muscle.

2.  Low sodium. Lower than other brands!

3. Contains a serving of whole milk, for bone healthy calcium.

4.  Contains a full servicing of fruit or vegetable fiber, without gas.

5.  Contains digestive aids and enzymes, including periodic activity for maximum nutrition absorption.

6.  Smells and tastes like cake mix! No grit! No metallic aftertaste.

What’s in Vi-Shape Shakes?
1.  A unique blend of proteins that work quickly and provide long-lasting nutrition to help you burn fat and build lean muscle.

2.  Heart healthy non-GMO soy protein (no isoflavones).

3.  Fibersol, a new patented fiber blend that helps keep you feeling full, providing benefits of fiber without gas that can be caused by other types of fiber.

4.  Aminogen to help your body maximize protein and nutrient absorption.

5.  23 Vitamins and minerals, along with other ingredients that help you burn fat.

Go to STORE tab at this site, watch the 4 short videos and order your shake product today. Join the 90 Day Challenge.

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