Sleep Your Way to Better Health

Can SLEEP really help you be healthier?  I would have never believed this myself had I not changed my own personal sleeping patterns last year, but getting an adequate amount of sleep can be really beneficial.

Doctors, research, and even your Mother will tell you the value of getting 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night.  When you don't get enough sleep, you know it. You function very differently during the day and your ability to perform can be compromised.

Sleep management is about time management according to the beloved Dr. Oz, so he encourages you to plan for sleep.

Count back 8 to 8 1/2 hours before the alarm clock needs to ring, and spend 10 minutes on absolute musts for the next day (making your kid's lunch), take 10 minutes for meditation (prayer) and 10 for hygiene....then go to bed.

Some other ways to help:

*Create the perfect sleeping environment. A cool, dark room is best.

*There should be no laptop, no TV, no food in bed. Ideally, the bed is used for sleep and sex, it's not an office or a restaurant.

*Be consistent. your body clock loves it when you follow a predictable schedule. Even on the weekends, try to rise within an hour (at most, two) of when you have to get up on weekdays, even if that means you need a power nap later. Otherwise, your body thinks you have jet lag on Monday morning and will protest big time.

*Other interrupters of quality sleep are caffeine, which keeps you from falling asleep as well as staying asleep, and alcohol, interrupting your sleep cycle and contributing to the 'hangover' that many experience.




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  1. Lynne says:

    I definitely agree that sleep makes you healthy and look young. Our body needs to recharge after the hard work. Lack of sleep always compromises your health and performance.

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