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HOLIDAY WEIGHT GAIN–It’s Not What You Think!

It’s holiday time! Yay! And I hope you are as excited as I am about the coming festivities. This month we celebrate Thanksgiving and I believe we all can find something to be thankful for—I know I can! But seems how Thinking Thin Lifestyle is about changing the way you think about food, exercise and how to live healthy I thought what better topic to talk about this month than… “The Feast of Feasts!”, Thanksgiving dinner.

I’m convinced Thanksgiving is the reason “stretchy pants” were invented in the first place. And why not? With words like, “Gobble, gobble, gobble,” “stuffing,” and “rolls” associated with the holiday meal what else would you wear right? In fact that is just what the makers of Stove Top Stuffing believes too. And for only $19.98 you too can own a pair of Stove Top Thanksgiving pants. Yup! You read that right! Look it up! They are selling a pair of dinner pants where the waistband stretches to two times its original size, allowing for plenty of room for turkey and mashed potatoes. Okay, I’m having a little fun here although it is true about Stove Top selling the pants. And, “No, I don’t think I’ll be buying a pair!”

If you are someone who struggles with your weight, I know this time can be a little tough for you. You might even feel anxious beforehand or fear you will feel guilty afterward. Therefore, I would like to suggest to you to feel neither.

Holidays are times for family and friends to come together and enjoy a wonderful meal and make great memories together. Therefore, I would say it’s not the best time to start any new rigid diet restrictions. Thanksgiving is a celebration. It’s one day. Why not enjoy it? There is just something about eating certain dishes that are created just for the occasion. Who really looks forward to pumpkin pie on August 4? No, you want it on Thanksgiving Day. After all, it’s tradition right? Well, I am going to propose a question to you. Is it really what you eat on that one day that is going to destroy your whole eating healthy plan? “The answer is, ‘no’”.

We Americans have many holidays we observe but traditionally the big dinners are usually assigned to Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. It’s not really what you eat on any specific holiday that does all the damage but what you eat in between times that will do you in.

Think about it— there are only about 30 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. May I ask, what and how are you eating during the rest of the 335 days of the year? When January rolls around and your tight jeans force you to make a new years resolution to get your weight under control it probably isn’t so much what you ate for Thanksgiving and Christmas or the 30 some odd days in between, but more so, because of what you ate during the 335 other days. Ouch!

I’m not suggesting here that you throw all caution to the wind or that you mindlessly devour anything and everything that is offered to you through the holidays, but to put things into perspective. If we maintain a normal and healthy diet throughout the year, celebrating the actual holiday meals along with partaking in a couple of holiday offerings here and there should not be a cause to fret.

With that being said though I do think it important to address a couple of other points here. While studies show that the average person gains a little but not a lot of weight during the holiday season, people who are already overweight do tend to gain more. For the individuals who are overweight or obese, 14% of those gained five pounds or more. So for these individuals that fall into this category it might mean that they just be a little more aware of the extras they are consuming during the in-between times of the actual celebratory days meals.

From Thanksgiving on right through News Year’s Day there will be many, and I MEAN MANY, opportunities to sample, desire, and devour all kinds of delectables. Without even thinking about it, after a little nibble here and a little nibble there for the 30-odd days during this time, calories consumed can really add up leading to unwanted results. So if you tend to be someone who does struggle with your weight, save the splurges for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Anticipation can taste good too!

So, this Thanksgiving, put your bird in the oven, mash your potatoes, bake that pumpkin pie and enjoy your dinner. Afterwards, send the leftovers home with your family or friends. And if I can be of any assistance during the “in-between times” of the holidays to help you change the way you think about and use food please call me at (616) 516-1570 or click on the "contact" tab and make an appointment. I look forward to your call!