Thought of the Day

Eating Choices and Healthy Decisions This Week

Have you caught yourself making healthier choices or decisions this week?

You seem to point out all the things you do wrong to yourself all the time.  How about flipping the script in your head and make a decision to start counting all the things you did right - or good - for yourself this week and keep building on that success.

Working on the End Goal

And may I many tears you will have to cry too!  If you have a dream - to be healthier, to have better relationships, to get that right job....whatever it is - wake up everyday and work toward that dream.

Lack Willpower? Here’s a Funny “Cure”

Now THIS is funny. How clever....a diet patch!

Like Sand Through the Hourglass, So Are the Days of Our Lives

After a very wicked storm the other day a beautiful rainbow caught my attention while I was bustling around the kitchen.  A rainbow is one of those things that demands reverence, and for a split second I found myself respecting nature, pausing to enjoy it’s massive majesty, and taking the time to consume it with my eyes.  And then, as if to get the cobwebs out of my mind, I shook my head and snapped out of my awe to get back to the “must do’s” of the day.

My little rainbow experience got me thinking about the fragility of life and all those things that we don’t take the time to do.  Especially with others.

We’re so stinking busy that if the phone rings, or we hear a rap on the door, or voices coming down the hall, we cringe about the time it might take to interact. We spend our days trying to be effective and efficient but we miss opportunities to connect with others.  It is usually only after we hear sad or bad news about someone that we say “…gosh, I never knew he was that sick…..or they were having problems……or that happened to their child….or she was struggling that way”.  If we’re honest with ourselves, we push people away all the time, we just don‘t think of it in that way.

The question I pose to you today is, what connections or rainbows have you been missing? What have you not been taking the time (if only a second) to just stop and enjoy?

Food for Thought

Do you agree with this statement:  It may be alright to be content with what you have, never with what you are.

We should approach life as a learning experience. We can continuously learn and improve ourselves. If we stop leading dynamic lives, we will become bored and goal setting may take back burner to your routine. As you do the small things consistently, your foundation becomes stronger and it’s a lot easier to keep balance in the rest of your life.

Accomplishing Your Goals and Staying Motivated

Benjamin Franklin said  Energy and persistence conquer all things.

Consistency is an action that is often overlooked by society. You probably don’t hear people telling you to be consistent in order to accomplish your goals. This quote reminds us that persistence and energy can conquer anything. On days when you don’t feel like doing anything, think about staying consistent.

Consistency with energy is a powerful tool for completing any task, especially your goals…so use it whenever you get a chance.   (

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People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.  Zig Ziglar

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Did You Know….

Over the past 40 years, American women have increased their daily calorie intake by an average of 199 calories, while men have added 179.

During that same time period, the obesity rate has more than doubled.

Is it Mentalpause or Stress – You Tell Me!

Let me start by saying I know plenty of young females in their 20’s who forget a child’s dentist appointment, or cupcakes for a school party, or even that they have something cooking in the oven.  And it’s only the burning smell that reminds them they forgot to take dinner out on time. In fact, it makes me feel better - more normal - when I hear of the “younger generation” struggling with their forgetfulness.

But it’s not so funny when you reach a certain age…ahem, let’s say your 40’s or 50’s and you start forgetting or misplacing things. In fact ladies, what is typically the first thing that enters your mind?  Perhaps the dreaded words like “menopause,” or even “half-heimers”.  Come on, we’ve all used the terms to excuse our lack of…..full attention to details!

We do tend to be more forgiving of the younger female who experiences mental-blocks from time to time, but we think something is down-right wrong when us more, let’s just say “experienced gals” slip up every now and then.

But I would dare to argue that our age has nothing to do with it.  Well, in most cases anyways. The stresses and commitments in our lives force us to keep the plates spinning so that it doesn’t matter what age you are, sometimes the plates are going to fall. Or for reasons that no one can explain, get misplaced.

Now I know that peri-menopause and menopause can bring on some interesting physical, mental and emotional symptoms - that goes without saying - but I want to give you permission to cut yourself some slack today and realize that it could just be the stresses in your life that are causing you to be more forgetful.

So pause, take a breathier - in what ever way that means to you - and attack things one stressor at a time.

But getting things off of your plate will help you to think more clearly and feel more in charge of your busy, busy life.

I think Will Rogers said it best:

“Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.”

Go on, read it again. It’s so very true, isn’t it!  May you find some peace today!