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Ready for a Weight Loss Challenge?

Are you up for a challenge? A weight loss challenge? For some of you, you’ll love the motivation. For some of you, you’ll love the shakes. For some of you, you’ll love the extra-income opportunity.  The choice is yours.

Once you’re at the site, I recommend you listening to the quick 4 videos. If you want to try the shakes, yes, you’ll have to enter your name, phone number, email address to get the shake information.  Come on – join me!

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Are There Any Carbohydrate Junkies Out There?

Ya know…there may be something to the idea that family members who are themselves overweight feel threatened when you try to manage your own weight. Therefore they bring home (or buy) all kinds of goodies for you to visually see and smell and to test you to the very limit.

Recently someone very near and dear to my heart (who is not overweight and is just as much as a “carbo junkie” as I am) went to a sandwich shop and realized they sell their loafs of day-old bread really cheap, so guess what – he brought some home. He brought a lot home! You know if your addicted to carbohydrates, it feel’s so wrong to turn it down cause just a few bites feels so….homey, so comforting.

Well, I had to take a picture and show you what I had to visually look at. Oh, by the way, you could literally smell the bread when you walked into the kitchen because my helpful sabotager warmed it up. Arg.  I immediately removed myself and asked him to have his piece but then get rid of it, and I didn’t care how.  I just looked at him and said “You’re killin’ me – don’t do this anymore.”  And he won’t.

I had to share with you that I get daily temptations thrown at me all the time too. But there’s something very empowering about walking away.

Trying to Lose Weight or Just Stay Fit? You’ve Got to Try This!

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Do you need a break-through with your current weight?

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Did You Know….

Over the past 40 years, American women have increased their daily calorie intake by an average of 199 calories, while men have added 179.

During that same time period, the obesity rate has more than doubled.

Monday Morning Diets

We’ve all been there. At some point – usually over the weekend – you bargain with yourself  about all the food temptations that are before you. Before you know it, you’re mentally shrugging your shoulders and convincing yourself that you’ll start behaving on Monday.  And you eat your way through the weekend.

What is it about Mondays that is the defining day of starting diets?  Sometimes you try to shake things up and you tell yourself you’ll start watching what you eat on New Year’s Day, or after a milestone birthday – no matter what day it falls on.  You might even think it’s a good sign if the first day of the month falls on a Monday.  We use a lot of “psychological tricks” when starting a diet.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter when you start your diet, but WHY.  Yep, that’s right. Your diet will tend to be more successful if you focus on the reasons for dieting instead of what is on your grocery list!

So what that means is it will benefit you more to set aside that grocery list and come up with another list of WHY you want to lose weight.  Now on the surface that seems simple enough but for some people that requires you to “dig deep” and come face to face with those realities that you don’t necessarily want to deal with.

Here are some of those WHY realities that you may be experiencing:

*You don’t feel emotionally good about yourself.
*You’re physically winded all the time after you slightly exert yourself.
*You constantly feel tired.
*Your stamina isn’t quite what it use to be.
*You just got a unhealthy diagnosis from the doctor.
*You can’t keep up with your kids (grandkids).
*You pull back from social situations because you’re embarrassed about how you look.

The list could go on and on, and those are really hard things to look at (on a piece of paper no less), and even harder to admit.  It seems easier to buy some food (to start your new diet) then to deal with the harder realities of why you should change your lifestyle because that requires a bigger action on your part.

I leave you with this today to consider:

1. There may be 18 reasons WHY you should lose weight. That’s okay. Put them in writing.

2. Just like you prepare your grocery list (whether in your head, or on a piece of paper), you must also prepare your mind. To change your lifestyle will require something of YOU. You need to be engaged, involved, and mindful of the process.

3. Know that it is a process…and that’s okay.  Dieting (also what I call “eating healthy”) is a process.  If you’re not use to eating the right foods, or eating healthy, it takes time to get it right. It takes time, be patient with yourself, you will start to notice the differences in your thinking about food and what you are eating because you’re doing it for the WHY reasons, and not what is considered the fastest way to lose weight on the newest diet craze.

I encourage you to stop thinking about Monday morning dieting, and no matter what day it is, it’s a good day to start working on YOU!

Success in the Face of Discouragement

I talked with several people in this last week who have just been experiencing frustration and discouragement lately – myself included. And all of us for a number of different reasons!  While searching for something else, I came across a specific quote in the midst of looking up a totally different topic, and so I thought this was meant for me to see.  It came at the right moment and it literally lifted me up. I hope it does the same for those of you who have been struggling lately, and believe that “success” is for you to have.

“Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.”  – Dale Carnegie

Life is Good In Spite of…..

I think one of the hardest things to do is to be persistent in the face of frustration or set-backs. And those frustrations and set-backs can come in many forms relating to a job situation, relationship woes, or personal goals.

As you know I love and recommend a good read called “Succeed – How We Can Reach Our Goals” (by Heidi Halvorson) and in it is suggested that persistence is a mind-set that helps you deal more effectively with a steady stream of challenges and obstacles.  Persistence is about a belief system that we have of ourselves and our abilities, and about what it takes to succeed.

Our personal belief system will literally make or break us sometimes.

But I got thinking about that, and sometimes even when we believe in ourselves – others don’t. So that in spite of our persistence, things don’t always work in our favor. We don’t get the job that we coveted, or the relationship falls apart, or we don’t lose the weight we keep hanging on to.

What are you suppose to do then? Give up?

Giving up is not personally in my DNA. Something tends to rise up within me and I keep going back and attacking the goal time and time again.  Does it get draining? Absolutely. But I like to think I have stamina and the right attitude that allows me to keep at it.  If I didn’t get something I wanted, or I lost a very important thing, I know that I’m going to be persistent in attacking the end goal in a different way because, I guess like John Wayne….I’ve got grit!

Now get this…..(according to Chapter 12), did you know that people who are persistent in the face of difficulty are far more likely to be successful than those who are less gritty?  That’s encouraging.

What do you do if you feel like you don’t have grittiness?

Well, for one thing you can increase your grittiness by choosing the right goals – I know it seems ridiculous to suggest that you can have wrong goals, but you have to know your belief system and why you choose your particular goal so that in the long run it is easier to attain and you feel the success that often alludes you.

So I leave you with this.  It is not that you lack the necessary ability to reach your goal, it’s how you look at the goal. And in the long run it takes good ol’ effort, planning and persistence to succeed – and it will do wonders for your grit.

This will be the last time I suggest it, but if you’re looking for a way to jumpstart your personal goals, you need to settle in and read this book.  It’s good.

4 Ways to Unclutter Your Home and Mind!

How does your house look right now? And maybe I don’t mean your whole house but do you ever have a room, a closet, or a pile that you mean to get to, sort through and organize but one day leads to another and another and nothing gets done?

I’ve done this so many times myself, and it drives me nuts. I will procrastinate and find a zillion other things to do rather then focus on the actual thing that’s bugging me.

Maybe you’ve done this too. You even chide yourself, and remind yourself that you can take control of the uncontrollable but the visual reminder gets bigger and bigger until you shut down – physically and emotionally. It’s almost like you tell yourself if you don’t fuss about it, and don’t acknowledge the mess, no one else will and it won‘t matter.

But it doesn’t always work that way. When our “visual space” gets cluttered it can have a profound effect on how we function, and even how we feel about ourselves.

Usually what happens is there becomes so much “stuff” that you don’t know where to begin, and so the mess stays there – mocking you about your inability to get your life together.  It can feel downright depressing to individuals and a messy space can be overwhelming and frustrating to a point that you do nothing.

Seems ridiculous – doesn’t it!

Let me tell you though, those feelings are perfectly normal.  Sometimes the hardest thing you can do is move forward because that requires action on your part and NO ONE ELSE CAN DO IT FOR YOU. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would!!

Here are some good reminders about how you can start to get your life organized:

#1: Make a plan. Do not tell yourself you’re going to clean the whole house….because the reality is, you’re just not going to. Be very literal about what you will do. For example – “I will start Tuesday after work on the kitchen table, and by the weekend I will have everything on the table organized, thrown away, given away, or put-away in it’s proper place.”

Tackle one area of clutter at a time. Give yourself a time limit and work within those constraints.

#2: Sometimes it’s really, really helpful to get someone else to work along side of you when you want to tackle a spot in your home.  When something gets so overwhelming you literally don’t know where to begin and working with someone else can keep you on task.  Some people just don’t know how to get their things organized but a friend, family member, (or professional organizer) can be a godsend. Use them!

#3: If you haven’t seen it, touched it, or used it in the last year, will you really miss it? Consider saying good-bye to some of your stuff.  Give it to Goodwill or some other organization and let someone else enjoy it.

#4: Have a space or place for everything and every time you use it – put it back.  After years of doing this, I finally “get it” and besides, it’s easier to find things that way too! It’s amazing how family members will follow your lead. Yes, it might take a few reminders when they forget, but it is SO WORTH IT.

The end result – surprisingly – is that you feel more in control, and somehow end up feeling better about yourself and really good about your clean, organized space!!

Sweet Treats

Thin Mints
Peanut butter patties

Do these names ring a bell for anyone?  So now all the deliveries start from the orders that were placed weeks ago. Ugg.  By the way, have you ever actually seen a Girl Scout (in full uniform) taking orders or deliver these bad boys? I only ever see their parents do it – just an observation.

These delightful little morsels are sinful. No….I’m not kidding. They are the tastiest little things – the best cookies hands down. But even though they’re little, they’re packed with calories so be careful, pace yourself, and if you’re going to partake make sure you count them as part of your daily diet plan.

Remember I told you in a post not long ago that I’m at a point in my life where I want to get it right more times then I get it wrong? Well, I did it right this time.  I just donated money to the Girl Scouts of America (no cookies).

5 Ways Women Can Stop Obsessing About Their Body

How many times per day do you say something negative to yourself about yourself?  My guess is….many.   And apparently you are not alone.  I think that is something we all deal with.  In fact, I think we do it so often and it feels so subtle that it doesn’t seem like a big deal.

As women, we can be very hard on ourselves.  We point out every wobbling underarm, fat thigh, and pudgy gut to our brains continuously, and those thoughts about our body can come at the oddest times….although usually in front of a mirror as we’re getting out of the shower, or getting dressed in the morning, or sitting at a social event where other seemingly glamorous thinner women are.

I don’t know if you saw it or not but Glamour recently did a survey with over 300 women where they found 97% of women have negative body-thoughts – women had 13 negative body thoughts daily.  That’s brutal. To ourselves.

One of the reasons we do that is they suggest that we’ve actually trained ourselves to think this way.  As someone who has an interest in the psychology of our brain and behavior, I would agree with this. We wire our brains with the thoughts we give it, and we are capable of rewiring our hard-drive.

Dr. Ann Kearney Cooke (who helped Glamour design the survey) says “Neuroscience has shown that whatever you focus on shapes your brain. If you’re constantly thinking negative thoughts about your body, that neural pathway becomes stronger – and those thoughts become habitual…”

So here are 5 ways to rewire your brain so you can stop obsessing about yourself and accept where you are at on this day:

#1 – Flip the script.  You know that script in your brain that you play over and over again? Create new neural pathways with thoughts that affirm and support how and why you feel good about your body.

#2 – Exercise….because it does more than make you feel better physically.  Exercising releases chemicals in our brains and can make you feel better mentally and emotionally. Which helps cut down on the harsh thoughts we feed ourselves.

#3 – Visualize a big red stop sign, and every time you have a negative thought – scream STOP in your head.  Break the unhealthy cycle with a statement, even one as simple as STOP or any other word or phrase that will refocus your thought patterns.

#4 – Appreciate You…right where you’re at.  Your body is amazing, what it is capable of and what it does needs to be valued.  Do you still want to lose 12 pounds or 57 pounds, probably, but just accept yourself where you are at on this day.  Judge your body on how it functions and the health of it, not what it looks like.

#5 – Enjoy your food. Yep, you read that right. Be mindful of what you’re eating. Enjoy the eating experience (odd concept, right), make conscious healthy choices instead of what I call “stupid eating.”  Be a deliberate eater. Slow down. Slow your inner spirit down and enjoy the journey.  Give your body what it deserves!