Winter 2019 Classes

thin waistTHINKING THIN FIRST:  Watch for Winter 2019 classes

This 7 week program is for those of you who have tried everything before and can’t quite lose the weight, or, keep the weight off.

No diet plan is included with Thinking Thin First but you’ll be taught different psychological skills every day - using Dr Judith Beck‘s weight loss workbook.  And those skills will help you on the diet plan that you choose. Skills that are built on the principles of Cognitive Therapy, one of the most researched psychotherapies used worldwide today.

If you’ve never tried this psychological weight loss approach before….you need to try it now.

Cognitive therapy techniques focus on changing old ‘weight loss thinking’ so you can maintain those healthy lifestyle changes.

Don’t start another diet plan without changing your thinking and behaviors first!!

Thinking Thin First key components help you:

*Solve diet- and exercise- problems
*Establish new eating habits
*Recognize food triggers, and do something about it
*Identify sabotaging thoughts
*Get set up for success!

Don’t have much time to give yourself everyday?  Do you put every else's schedule before you? You've blinked and realized you've put on 10, 15, 30 pounds?  Don’t let anything get in your way this time.  Let these 7 weeks be about you….learning all the skills and information YOU need to be  successful with your weight loss.

Put yourself FIRST for seven weeks, $20.00 weekly, one hour meetings give you accountability, support, education, and the psychological component you've been missing to help you stick to your weight loss plan.

For those of you with very little time to give yourself on a daily basis, the workbook allows easy-to-follow, quick workbook daily lessons and reflection.

The weekly groups offer inspiration and the support you’ll need as you start to move in a new direction throughout the seven weeks.

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